About zero
Easy to use

It takes three minutes to establish
a new secure connection with
another Zero user.

Universal connection

Zero connects to all your calling
devices via standard 3.5mm audio
jack and works on all types of calls.

Travel ready

Zero is compact in size (2.75”x1.20”)
and has a battery life of 8 hours (charges via USB).

We made Zero easy to use and affordable
to empower anyone to start taking control
of their personal privacy and security

In a world where individual privacy is breached regularly —
from mass government surveillance to data and identity
theft — we at Zero are taking action.

When you use Zero you protect:
  • - your personal data
  • - your personal safety
  • - confidential organizational or business information
  • - sensitive medical information and records
  • - confidential conversations with doctors or counselors
Truly secure calls
Unlike call encryption apps, Zero encrypts
your voice BEFORE it enters your calling device.
That means your calls are protected from hacks
and backdoors into the phone/computer/app
you use to call.
After passing through Zero,
your speech is transformed
into indecipherable sound
No possibility of
Your partner, using Zero,
hears you normally
in real time
Establishing a secure connection is easy
Zero apps exchange
a unique key & establish
a secure connection

Secret keys are exchanged using the
Diffie–Hellman method

Man-in-the-Middle security

Additional SSL security increases protection
from the Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Offline mode

Use one computer to update or create
a secret key offline for two devices.

User-friendly app that helps you
connect with your partner in

The Zero app lets you conveniently store and manage
your contacts and connections.

Does Zero look like
a device tailored to your needs?
We will be launching
on in Q2 2019.

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